Wednesday, March 18, 2009

u r not prince charming..and u r not good at flirting..

hahaha..sumbody said to me.. u r not prince charming and u r not good at flirting..
jeng jeng jeng.. make me wonder.. m i really that way?
whatever it is.. i really dont know..
if looking at my face.. parent sape2 pn will disapproved when at the moment they look at me..
in addition..
im not rich.. i dont av a car.. and i dont av lots of money..hehehe
but...y me?

hehehe.. okay... enuf dgn that topic...
disini..i nk share wit reader and friends..
website2 yg i guna for some certain purpose...
enjoy mate!!! (ni utk cari mve) (dictionary online) (ni nk cari subtitle) (news for italian football..forza milan!!!!) (my fav series) (nk cari chord gitar) (ni nk merancang tgk tv ku..terutama bola) (nk cari info psl camera..yeahhh) (ni dont need explanation kut)

ok..dh byk tu.. nanti i update lg.. tschuss!!!

"the different between einstein and me is just the name"


  1. u are not price charming....u not good in flirting...but u r my putra;).....

  2. anyway bro..
    u r such a good wingman~!! forza chelsea~!! hehe