Sunday, March 22, 2009

sunburst 2009...motherfucker!!

first..sowie bcoz the title quite harsh..hahha... inspired by Jonathan Davis.. vocalis KORN!!!
he is true legend!!

ok..let the story begin...
hehehe.. this week been a buzy week for me..if u play bowling.. i got turkey for "absent from class"
yeahh..congratz nabil!!!! with the final exam is just around the corner.. i need to change..

so... i had plan my weekend as good as i can..

friday lepak tgk mve...
sabtu sunburst...
ahad futsal...+ small gig at ou....

so.. friday... friday plan to watch mve.. cancel... so i just chill out with my frenz... makan kt murni!! i gez many blogger dah review psl murni.. so im not gonna do that.. boring!!! ahahah
we're playing card.. makan jco... lepak2.. siap nk terjun swimming pool.. at 2am..hahhaa

then, saturday... yeah... first i cam nk jual my ticket.. hehee.. thanx to pacai..
i pergi jua... jua ok.. not a typo... we arrived around 2 or 3pm... smpi2 collect ticket... usha2 tshirt, tag, food, aweks..hahha.. tu usha je ar.. today im not looking for looking for live, quality, energetic, awesome music...after that, i met this celine, a writer for one website.. a journalist for music.. 1st met kt youth09... now jumpa lg... cool!!!

n then, kiteorg masuk... ke padang kuda... hahaha..mont kiara equestrian park.. simple place..ada booth, the design for the 4 stages quite good..n ada celcom nye booth..kfc pn ade bro..

pastu kiteorg jalan2 lg.. jumpa lomokids... pic2 lomo byk gile. lawa2..hehe
pastu..jumpa plak lee jean punya booth... sempat lak conteng2...
then, there wuz a HUGE!!! bag.. hahhaa.. i carried it for a while...
i gez i can put u in it...n...somehow.. i bumped with my friend.. suprise..hhaha
ramai plak mbr kt sini..

then..nak start band review.. da 1st band we all layan wuz dead mushroom... rashide ishak..husband vanida imran is da gile... old band..legend.. one hit wonder with their song.."read my mind" even dh lama x perform.. the sound still better than meet uncle hussain (muh) band wuz muh.. they played their normal song.. it wuz fun..moshing..but vocal x dgr..salah setting mic...kut..

then, i missed bunkface..damit... coz dorg playd at the same time.. sunburst had 4 terlepas bunkface.. but im pretty sure they rock out!!! then..kiteorg usha.. 21st night.. band from indonesia.. sgt best.. ok.. let me share with u.. what is da different between indo band n our local indie band...diorg full of suprise.. and bile perform x malu or control.. susah gk scene kite..coz if lebeh2 org ckp poyo pikir la sendri..

then, kiteorg usha... estralla!!! this is my 1st time to see her live... rupanya2.. dier dan radio sama sahaja.. she is cute.. but not gonna in my fav performer..x best sgt.. showmanship still bole diperbaiki...

next, band russian winters, nama dh cam from dr aussie..haha... ok la.. sound cam moffats.. serious...pastu kitorg masuk kt celcom nye home... dpt air free... men xbox.. fussball and pool... yeahh..celcom best!!!

FYI..sebab ada 4 kitorg mmg x dpt wat coverage semua ar..sowiee...hehhee
then kiteorg layan estrange.. sementara tunggu nidji!!!! best la gak estrange...

yeah... nidji perform!!! start with heaven with diff version.. pastu, disco lazy time, pastu lagu.. heartbroken!!!! jangan lupakan.. giring nidji siap doakan.. ketemukan jodoh pria2 yg single.. dua lagi tu..hahah pastu lagu biarlah..rock bangat...lagu in the shadow.. and the best part... lagu laskar pelangi... sgt cool.. dorg perform energatic... smgt..membawa music nidji.. two thumb up!!! dtg lg perform... im so nidjiholic..hehhe

after wuz butter.. im fan of butter.. die hard fan.. but to be honest.. im quite dispointed dgn butter.. playd only new song.. and boring..long song.. damit...sib baik dh pergi istana budaya..

pastu kitorg pergi melepak..jalan2.. usha tshirt..buku...hehhe..penat all out masa nidji n butter..
dh lama x men bola..jog.. sebab dh tua? hahaha

then.. NERD start be honest.. i x lyn sgt.. n sebab dh penat..layan dr jauh je..
pastu kiteorg jalan2.. tgk stage lain... tiba2 ada this one group... naturally 7... menarik minat us..
dorg ni adalah acapella + beatbox + singer..the best thing bout them..dorg nye music unique...
x pakai minus one.. pakai mulut utk wat sound drum, guitar, trompet, bass, eveything.. n showmanship A+..dh jd one of my fav performer...yeahhh...full of suprise..

after that, kitorg layan maliq and d'essential... sumbody pernah bg their song to me.. but i dpt tgk live ok...jgn jeles...

and after that...sound yg agak familiar came from the sun stage..the biggest stage.. calling us to go there.. yeahhhh.. it is korn!!!!

KORN!!! KORN!!!! KORN!!!! KORN!!!!
never in my life.. i ever think to watch korn perform in front of me.. gile bermimpi..
but today.. they r here.. in kuala lumpur.. dorg sgt energetic.. sound best gile.. vocal jon mmg best.. sgt unik.. dorg mmg legendary.. korn men lagu mix from new to the very legend song.."blind" crowd jd gile masa lagu blind..yeahhh.. and the best part is.. when jon interactd with crowd.. kuala lumpur.. i wanna apologise bcoz it took us 15 years to come here... pastu.. diorg org org sorak..n bile x cukup kuat.. slumberdog.. dier ckp.. "camon motherfucker" ikhlas dr jon.. yeahhh..pastu bile dh abis perform..dier end dgn.. i love u all motherfucker..gile legend...

pastu abis korn.. clubbing time!!!!
tp mls nk layan...hehehe.. kiteorg pn blk...lepak uptown lama jap...smpi umah...mandi tdo..esok pagi2 ade futsal...aiyo...tdo pn kul 4am..

to be editted lg..tschuss!!!

"the different between einstein and me is just the name"


  1. korn terbaik!!!
    come on motherfucker!!!hahaha

  2. siap men bagpipi tu cai... jeans ko ade kt aku.. tinggal2 plak

  3. wah...u r havin a great weekend...good 4 u;)