Wednesday, March 11, 2009

cecair saya sudah terbangun sepenuhnya

yeahh... im back.. happier than before.. most of thing yg
bermain dlm fikiran.. telah disetelkan one by one..
if u ever read my blog masa zaman friendster dulu..
myb u kenal en nazri.. my fav lecturer... he is living legend..
and today.. i entered his lecture..even dier bkn my
lecturer for this subject...for the sake nk study..
dier ajar mmg best gile.. n senang je ilmu tu nk masuk.. tq en nazri..
n dier x penah wat sy bosan... dgn kate2 nya...
"its all math" and td dier bole wat lawak.. "awk tlg tahan sy... tlg...
sy nk terjun bangunan la" just bcoz kitorg x fhm persamaan..he is really funny..
and sgt legend...and dier bole transalte kan english term jd melayu..
tu yg jd title tu... i rasa cam sgt happy to b in his lecture..
i learned sumthing new..
sgt berguna.. huhu...hopefully i will get a better mark in next test...

sir..u r not only my lecturer..
u r my insperation... tq tq tq

and today... im happy to be a normal condition..
hopefully better...

im gonna stop here.. nk lepak hakim..makan..tgk bola...
hahaha...study2 gak bro..enjoy pn kene gk...


p/s: thanx to u to let me noe.. and to accept everything..hopefully =) me a lot..
thanx again...

"the different between einstein and me is just the name"


  1. hahaha...dude aku suke juge cik nazri..dia superb genius yg klakar...g bunuh dri la...