Sunday, March 29, 2009

girl..stop using guys..

yeah... stop it girl..
guys r too nice to u all..
stop using guy for ur transportation... topup crdt..
u dont realize.. we.. guys.. actually noe u did it..
be close to us.. only bcoz of that..
but still..we.. guys.. r too nice..
stop it..

btw.. happy earth hour yesterday...
we had a besday party.. small private party..
only those who r invited je leh..
its wuz fun.. hehhe.. sian afiq kene telur..n his gf too..
they come in package..(ayat beaches)

esok monday... yeah.. my beloved monday...
lebiuh all weii...(ayat dr jb) hahhaa

once again.. happy besday afiq..
semoga ko n raja happy sentiasa..

gtg readers.. tschuss

"the different between einstein and me is just the name"


  1. girl stop using guys???...hurm..being use again???pity u

  2. tu r..aku rse pmpuan mmg camtu kot..
    lalala~!! nice entry bro..

  3. su.. not me.. this is from my observation...
    r u?
    bro.. terlintas sebentar la.. so blog je

  4. nice thought. but i beg to differ.