Monday, July 25, 2011

Why i deactivated my facebook?

hey hey...

hahhaaha... people keep asking me... u block me ke kt fb? --> xla.. deactivated je

nape deactivated fb? ---> just mencari diri sendri.. disebalik fb..

huh..nape plak? ---> since fb is the reason for people to not trusting me.. so.. let people noe me without facebook...myb ade baiknye gk..

bile nak ade fb balik? ---> mayb after i have a real gf..not just a close girl friend yg org ingt i have many girlfriends..

sian nye... do u really have to do that? ----> yup.. i think so.. it come to a point when u need to sacrifice something.. to gain something...

so.. plz dont ask me again bout my fb.. heheheh... tq tq tq

Friday, July 22, 2011

Silent is Golden

its happened in life.. u were in a different kind of relationship
u fall in love.. u break up.. u fall in love again and u break up again..
all of these doesnt make u weak person.. its give u experiences to grow up
and be a better person.. learn from mistake..

everybody has their own experience.. and their life expectation..
but.. what make us move forward.. we all have dream.. and faith.. hope..
we keep our dream alive but having faith.. and hoping for the best..

in the end.. we just go for it.. eventho we might fail.. but at least
we tried..

"its better to try and failed than failed without even trying"
thats just dissapointing me..

and lastly.. even if we end our relationship.. or myb not relationship..
a secretly bond.. that u afraid of for what reason.. that people might know..
its better to keep it silent.. u dont have to say something harsh..

and look at the positive side..
i can move forward..

" there are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle.. or you can live as if anything is a miracle.."

p/s: i'm addicted to apps dlm ipad 2... hahhaa n pic xde kene mengena.. hahaha

Friday, July 8, 2011

how i wish

how i wish that..
i did not made a decision based on relationship
i start a fresh relationship without interfere others
i can go somewhere that people does not know who i am
i can make up back for all the mistake i had made
i can ask for forgiveness with people i hurt
i can prove to people that they are wrong bout me
i can know what other people want from me

lastly... i wish that all the positive outcomes only...