Monday, August 8, 2011


somebody told me..

awk ni ade mata yg nakal.. nakal bkn gatal..
tapi awk mencari yg terbaik... and akak rasa kamu ni lmbt kawen..

huh? salah ar kak..saya rasa sy simple je.. cuma org je x paham sy..
hahaha... unpredictable skit..

by working with people from different background.. i learnt a few
meaningful things..

- always appreciate ur work.. bg ko myb remeh.. tp bg org len..
tu la duit nk sara anak bini.. so.. always respect ur work..
and do ur best for it..

- everybody has their own stories.. listen to them.. why they act
like that.. and support them for changes..they may need ur help..
even they didnt ask for it..

- people changes.. most of the time.. from worst to better.. never
belittle them.. and be friendly with all people..

- when u r good.. u always has enemy... melayu mmg hasad..
embrace it.. love ur enemy.. coz it bring out the best of u..

and for myself.. always be positive.. rezeki tu ade.. di mana2..
positive mind will always bring u forward.. dont afraid to take
a risk.. have faith with urself..people with understand u one day..

liebeweg...lomo version

"positive outcomes only"

the different between me and einstein is just the name...

Monday, August 1, 2011

im done being single..

you know what?

i'm done being single..
im not good at it
obviously, you cant tell a woman u just met you love her
but it sucks that u cant
i tell u something though
if a woman.. not you.. just some hypothetical woman...
were to bear with me through all this...
i think i'd make a damn good husband
because that's the stuff i'd be good at
stuff life making her laugh and being a good father..
being a good kisser..