Monday, July 25, 2011

Why i deactivated my facebook?

hey hey...

hahhaaha... people keep asking me... u block me ke kt fb? --> xla.. deactivated je

nape deactivated fb? ---> just mencari diri sendri.. disebalik fb..

huh..nape plak? ---> since fb is the reason for people to not trusting me.. so.. let people noe me without facebook...myb ade baiknye gk..

bile nak ade fb balik? ---> mayb after i have a real gf..not just a close girl friend yg org ingt i have many girlfriends..

sian nye... do u really have to do that? ----> yup.. i think so.. it come to a point when u need to sacrifice something.. to gain something...

so.. plz dont ask me again bout my fb.. heheheh... tq tq tq

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