Thursday, March 26, 2009

presentation + assignment + lab report..

this week..been bz with all the task..
but still.. i have time to enjoy my life..
student life vs working life? i rather choose student life..
even with less money...

today.. i did my presentation.. i did worse i gez..
lucky for me..mark lebeh kurang je..hahhaa...
mayb less preparation kut.. i need to do it better next time..
here is some tips bout presentation

Map your Mind

"Start with the 'core' word. Then apply your mind to think rationally as well as laterally and list different words relating to the 'core' word. See where it leads you," she says.

If that sounds like new age management spiel, Biswas gives an example to make the concept clearer.

Now, using this list of words as a reference, s/ he can easily coin an essay of 10 sentences.

This is a basic example of how mind mapping can be used to think more clearly.

Mind mapping, as a technique, was put together by Tony Buzan, author of Use Your Head. In fact, a significant part of the book, which helps put presentations on the right track, is devoted to this technique.

Benefits of mind mapping

A mind map can halve the time it takes to develop a presentation, a report, an article or a letter.

It allows you to use words to visually relate concepts and information in ways that are more enlightening than note-taking or outlining.

Mind mapping a presentation helps you take a look at how you can best present your information, because it enables you to focus not only on the content, but also on the sequence of the content.

A mind map helps you see not only what is there, but also realise what is missing.

hahaha.. senang cite.. xnk lost masa present..wat mind map.. pastu interaction dgn crowd...
kene ade showmanship skit.. smile always.. n be condident... ur confident can cover ur mistake..
k2..goodluck to those yg ada presentation...tschuss!!!

"the different between einstein and me is just the name"

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