Monday, May 11, 2009

what do u need when travel...or backpacking?

hehhee.. back... just finished my exam this morning... time to blog again..
hohohoh...i had been travelling a lot... around malaysia..
so.. wanna share some info..
from my experience and some info from others too

when u r is some of important things u need..
1. money... hehehe... a major factor..
2. accompanion.. but.. in some case... mayb its better to travel alone..hehe
if ur frenz cite lebur dr awl.. oh.. ur frenz mengelabah sgt masa travel..x best gk
3. passport or id... when u travel outside ur country...(at least have some emergency contact inside ur wallet or pants)
4. a comfortable beg.. backpack..its depends on how long u wanna travel..n place..
5. a map... at least do some research bout the place u wanna go...
try to find info bout...a) local interest..or place of interest
b) food or restaurant
c) some place.. better book earlier.. cheaper price
d) accomodation.. better book earlier too..takut clash with any event.. so tdo bustop je kang..
e) learn some basic language... if its not english
f) try to take note.. bout some cultural issues.. in some place.. u.. yes u.. the HOT girl.. u cant wear HOT pants... or better not..
g) check local calendar... for any special event.. u might wanna join them

6. bring along ur medicine.. in case tiba2 nk terburai... rasa mual.. ngada2
7. better bring a camera... to capture the great moment..heeeeee
8. spare some energy food.. such as energy bar.. or choc... and a bottle of plain water
9. for those yg pelupa...mayb its a good idea for u to make a checklist for all ur things...
10. wear a comfortable shirt and shoes.. heel not advisable...
11. always make sure ur cellphone is fully charged before start travelling...and with credit...dammittt..hahaha
12. its a good idea for u to bring a small book...mayb u wanna write a journal... eyahhhhh..

ok.. bersambung....lalalaaa

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  1. ameillya a.k.a fbcubeMay 11, 2009 at 10:28 AM

    advise yg bernas sgguh,....especially part hot pants..takkan nk masuk kampung pakai hotpants kut kan...hahaha...nk kene penampo from the ketua kampung lehla...ahak..ahak..ahak...
    n bout the shoes tuh..pakai full cover shoes or crocs jer..hbs cite...
    n camera tuh...its not better bring..but its a must..kalo tk mampu nk beli yg mahal2..janji yg blh tangkap gambo dah ler...huhuhu...
    cuz we cant turn back capture every moment..*perghh,...mcm iklan la plak..*..

    n cellphone at least bring extra battery n the charger skalik...cuz battri tuh tak mampu nk bertahan lama2..tolak time sms,ckap,pakai camera phone lagi..habs babe..

    for next sambungan for this topic..
    input bout informing sum1 or anybody yg boleh diharap that u r goin to travel sumwhere n the duration that u will be out of incase kalo tak balik2 lepas tuh..blhla diorang tulun inform pihak yg berkenaan....
    n jgn lupe check umah b4 kuar...suruh sape2 yg btl2 blh diharap jaga umah..jgn harapkan pagar..pagar mkn padi plak..
    anyway lookin forward for the sambungan of this title..