Thursday, September 30, 2010

hide and seek... i think im going to change it to.. SOMEBODY told me...

this is my 1st post after a long time...
so.. mayb its lame.. nothing interesting.. just gimme a chance... hahaha

first of all.. sowie coz dah lama x post..

da reason for it.. xde pape yg menarik utk dishare...
nothing that open mind.. so agak lama gk ar.. minda tertutup..
i need new idea...fresh idea.. and way of thinking..

2nd... bcoz buzy x sudah.. x caya tanya my beaches..
if dorg merajuk ckp i sombong.. i akui and terima.. xle watpe..

ni my latest pic... hahhahahaha

so as introduction...
hideandseekinmyworld akan bertukar to
SOMEBODY told url still da same.. coz dah ade org amik.. hahaha

"the difference between einstein and i is just by the name"