Friday, November 13, 2009

it wuz a shame...and pathetic..

hye.. hye..
like all the things dat i always do... i write when i dont feel good..
first of all.. i stop my doing my beloved hobby (photography) for a while... here is one of the reason..

yeahh.. i just found out that.. somebody used my pic.. and entered a competition... and won it..
and the best part wuz... that somebody.. dont even let me noe bout it..

i dont want any credit for that.. or any gift.. but at least.. let me noe...
that u used my pic...thanx u..

but.. seperti biasa lg.. i will not do anything..
tuhan maha adil... =)

"may god bless u"


  1. hmm..bengang gak hurts kan when sumone u trust betrayed u..but like u said, Tuhan tu Maha Adil..skrg pun kite di bayar cash di chill k..

    but still, u go get copyright for ur work dear..cos ur work is good, n tanak things like this happened again..

    all the best..will support u all the way..:)

  2. owhhh my....kesian...x bleh saman ke?? ckp lah ngan dia..speak up!

  3. you! u! i used ur pics..but, i mitak permission u dulu kan?? hikhik. cygg u. muacks!
    (ceh ceh..bodek)

  4. aku tau crite ni..u r so noble bro..god bless u...