Saturday, October 3, 2009

padang, earthquake, flood, - what the world gonna be? p.s.. mistake i have to make

salam.. hye hey..
first... nk take a moment of silent.. and doa kan sedara2 kite
yg mengalami kecelakaan di seberang... flood in filipina, and gempa bumi di padang, indonesia..
and.. to our haccer... doy.. semoga pulang dgn selamat dr padang...

as far as i noe..
keadaan di padang sgt2 teruk.. communication terputus.. and makanan xde...terputus..
jalan raya rosak.. rumah2 hancur.. keadaan teruk sperti tsunami...
and..ramai student2 medic msia berada di padang...
hopefully they all r fine..

myb we can try to help them...
i don noe how..

next.. semasa kejadian ni berlaku...
twitter menjadi satu medium yg sgt penting.. utk mereka mengpost kan keadaan dan situasi mereka.. utk memberitahu keadaan mereka.. dan juga.. ada yg menguna kan twitter ni utk mencari sedara2 mereka yg hilang..
berguna juga teknologi ini...

and last...topic that bermain2 in my mind..

mistake i have to make..

here's is the thing bout mistake..
sumtime..even u noe sumthing's a mistake..
u gotta make it anyway...
even really2 dumb mistake..

ok yes... i knoe its a mistake..
but theres certain thing in life..whre u noe its a mistake..
but u dont really noe its a mistake..
bcoz the only way to really noe its a mistake..

is to make a mistake...

and look back... and say.. "yeahh..that was a mistake.."

so... really..the biggest mistake would be not to make the mistake...

thats. all...
think it on ur own way...

"the different between einstein and me is just the name"


  1. contoh a mistake that u HAVE TO make?

  2. u got that rite..mistakes is called a mistake because we learn sumthg from it..think abt it, then u'll figure it out..:)

    "the different between einstein and me is just the name"

    luv that the most..:)