Thursday, September 10, 2009

ramadhan.. pose... berbuka dan sahur..

hey hye u...
yeahh.. today dh 20 ramadhan..
so.. mlm lailatul qadar is around the corner..
so guys.. u noe what u shud do.. im not master in ceramah2 agama..
but.. i gez.. we noe what ramadhan bring for us...

btw.. end of this year... i will start working.. still looking for the best
and so
mehow.. i still confuse.. mechanical engineering..
do i wanna work in the office or at the site..

back to the topic..
this year.. hari raya will be slightly different for me.. bcoz..
this year.. myb raya.. kt perak.. and.. all my close uncle and aunty dh pass away..
so.. i could imagine.. beraya dgn sedara2 yg x close sgt..

btw again..hehhe
if u had read my blog before psl.. my final and never give up...bla bla bla..
i got A- for that subject... yeahhh.... so terbukti.. usaha tangga kejayaan...

ohh... i just upgrade my laptop to window 7... but cd x ori la.. xde duit...
overall.. window 7 is better than vista, ringan n x jamd.. laju... features besst...
so..upgrade la to windows 7.. if u wanna noe detail.. google it!!! hehee

oh.. btw.. here some link.. where i used to get things...hehhee
enjoy it... utk cari subtitle.. utk cari tab/chord lagu.. cari mp3...lagu2...

ok..tu je.. thats all for today..dah2... gi tdo..
gi sahur... and selamat berpuasa...

p/s: esok ade casting.. cari lead male actor.. jom2...
plus.. ade hacc meeting... plus.. ade keje mengajar skit...

"the different between einstein and me is just the name"


  1. selamat berpuasa too...window 7 huh...ok ok:)

  2. hey ya,.
    yup2.. now mari kte bersama2 wat byk2 amal ibadah..kejar mlm lailatul qadar..
    too bad.. nk dkt raya, n ramadhan nk abish da.. sad..