Saturday, August 8, 2009

h1n1..updated... now 18 malaysian died from h1n1..

yeahh..its not a good topic.. but as far as im concerning...
h1n1 telah menyerang malaysia...
so pple..
bersama2 la kite mencegah nya..
here some tips that we might do and follow.. and plz..
take it seriously..

1. pakai mask.. and plz... jgn gelakkan org yg pki..
2. try to avoid lepak public2 place..or event2..
3. hand sanitizer... basug tgn sekerap yg bole..
4. if sakit..plz..korentin..jgn others...

FYI... WHO estimated.. about 3million pple will die bcoz of this disease... so..
this is a seyes problem...



  1. try to avoid lepak public2 places and event?
    then this 15 aug tak yah gi gak r..lalalala~~~